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It's Been a Year

Today marks one year since I officially opened my business, though photography has always been a passion of mine. I remember being a teenager with a point and shoot, walking around my backyard taking pictures. I believe that no two people see the world the same and I wanted to share my perspective.

I also quit my full-time job a year ago. It was a job that I loved and was very passionate about, but it was time for me to begin a new chapter. I started my business at a difficult time: I was 8 months pregnant and it was winter so not many people wanted their photos taken. I struggled a lot, but I wanted to make this dream a reality.

After having Henry and taking a “maternity leave”, I jumped back into trying to make this crazy dream of mine work. I promised myself that 2018 would be the year that I continuously pushed out of my comfort zone. I’m naturally an introvert, so this was a huge step for me. I’m proud to say that I have kept my promise! I reached out to a lot of local photographers, asking if I could shadow them for a family or newborn session. This was before I had fallen in love with photographing weddings and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on. I was turned down- a lot- but I’m so grateful for the photographers who helped me out and let me shadow them as well as giving me advice. Community over competition!

I joined local Facebook groups for photographers and I had posted in one that I would love to shadow a photographer at weddings. I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply since I had already been turned down a lot. To my surprise, Leah Adkins commented that she’d love to have me shadow her and maybe eventually become her second shooter.

I had also reached out to another photographer- Stephanie West. She let me shadow her for one wedding. I didn’t even photograph anything, but that was all it took for me to fall in love. Weddings give you so many opportunities to capture people unapologetically being themselves. Whether that’s moms crying during the ceremony or grandpas busting out crazy dance moves at the reception- those are the photos I live for.

In February, Leah took a chance on me and hired me as her second shooter. I learned a lot from her and I’ve grown so much this past year- in so many ways. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Leah. I also wouldn’t be where I am today without all my amazing clients! It is because of you that I am living my dream. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

There have been a lot of times this past year when I felt like giving up. Running a business and being a mom is difficult. I’m so grateful for my friends and family who have supported me every step of the way and who haven’t let me give up.

This past year has been great because I kept taking chances and putting my faith in God. I’m so blessed and very thankful for this amazing season of life. I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for me.


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