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My Favorite Photos from 2018!

I've spent that past couple months of 2018 reflecting on all the blessings this year has brought me. I think it's so important to realize how far you've come while also planning new dreams and goals for the new year! I'm so thankful for all my amazing clients. So, I wanted to take a moment to share my top 10 favorite photos I took this year. 

1. This is my absolute favorite! Kenzi is a very close friend of mine and I'm so happy that I was able to capture both their emotions. This is one day that I will never forget. 

2. I assisted Leah Adkins Photography with Jennifer and Joe's wedding. It was one of my favorite weddings that I second shot. They both are such genuinely sweet people. They met before the ceremony, but didn't see each other. In this photo, Joe is actually praying for them before they embark on a new journey together. 

3. Like anyone else, I love a good black and white. 

4. I LOVE ring shots and I enjoy photographing them too. When I first arrive to a wedding, I start with detail shots; it helps boost my creativity for the day.

 5. How could I not love this photo? She's stunning.

6. UGH. Ashley is just too beautiful. I had so much fun at her and Travis's wedding. It was laid back and seemed to fit their personalities so well. Her dress was gorgeous and with that veil... amazing.

7. This was from the Boho Wedding Styled Shoot that Oh Deer Photography hosted. Jesse and Justin are FIRE! Such great chemistry.  

8. I had to add another photo of them. I just had to.

This was from the Winter Wonderland Styled Shoot that was also hosted by Oh Deer Photography. Sara and Khaled are such a cute couple! I wanted to start being more creative with bride and groom portraits, so I added their reflection. I did this by putting my phone right under my lens and angling it until it was just right.

 10. This was also taken while assisting Leah Adkins Photography. Their smiles are too sweet; you can really feel the love here.

 11. I had to add an extra photo of these two cuties. I mean seriously? They make me smile just looking at them.


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