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BTS Orchard House Styled Elopement Shoot

Two weeks ago, designed and photographed an elopement styled shoot at Orchard House Bed and Breakfast in Granville. Earlier this week, I wrote about my inspiration and how it all came together (view here). A lot of hard work and a great team of vendors went into this shoot!

I had my sister tag along to take some behind the scenes photos of the shoot. I think it’s important to see BTS because photography is often taken for granted. It’s so much more than just taking pictures, it’s working with the venue, the light, and trying so many angles just to get one perfect photo. It’s not easy but it's worth it! Check out the behind the scenes photos below.

I typically start a wedding day with detail shots. It helps me get in a creative mindset!

Shot from my camera

Kat creates such beautiful cakes that I always try to get up close details.

Cake shot from my camera!

Sally the Stool comes with me to every wedding. This is the life of a short person.

Shot from my camera

John loved this truck so, we just had to get a photo of him on it!

Shot from my camera

Wedding photographer AKA dress fluffer

This is why we fluff the dress! So pretty

She is stunning!

Shot from my camera. I love this photo!

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