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Hocking Hills Extended Family Session

During the summer, I receive a lot of inquiries for family sessions down in Hocking Hills and I love it! I've photographed a ton of families at Old Mans Cave and have recently photographed them at their cabins or Airbnbs if the caves are too busy. I grew up hiking with my dad and sister down in Hocking Hills and now take my own family there. It's so much fun to see people coming from out of state to enjoy the caves.

Abby contacted me to photograph her and her family while they were on vacation. There was 21 family members overall and it was so much fun! I personally think it's amazing to see big families and know that it all started because Grandma and Grandpa fell in love.

If you're ever wondering if I can handle big families, the answer is of course. I have tons of experience photographing big groups of people from weddings. It might take some bribing and extra time if there is little kids, but the photos always turn out great in the end! For the big group shots from this session, the whole family sang The Wheels on the Bus and other nursery rhymes to get the kiddos to smile.

The way I typically photograph big families is to do a couple shots with everyone altogether and then break down the family into smaller families so each family will get their own photos. I usually do a group shot, then photos of just the kids, and then photos of just the parents, and any other combos they might want.

I'm so grateful for the chance to photograph Abby and her sweet family down in Hocking Hills.

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