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Important Questions to ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

1. Is photography your main business?

This allows you to gauge just how much experience the photographer has. Some photographers have another job and don’t shoot a lot of weddings. This does not mean that they won’t do an amazing job on your wedding! However, it will give you a sense of what to expect.

2. What sets you apart from other photographers?

You want to know how this photographer stands out. Is it their charming personality? The way they photograph? What about them will make you choose them?

3. Can I see your portfolio?

Ask to see past work and check out their social media pages. How they edit those pictures is how they will edit yours. You need to be in love with their style of editing for you to be happy with the outcome of your photographs!

4. Have you worked at our venue before?

If they haven’t shot at the location before, ask them if they would be willing to visit the venue before your big day. Each location has its own advantages and challenges; it’s good for a photographer to know them beforehand.

5. Are you willing to follow a shot list?

You want a photographer that is going to capture moments that are special to you. After all, this day is all about you and your fiancé’s love for each other.

6. Will there be a contract of services provided and can I get a copy?

Most photographers require a contract; run if they don’t! In the case that you find a photographer that you really love and they don’t provide contracts; you should require a contract that details what services they will provide, payments, pricing, etc.

7. What packages do you offer and what does each package cost?

A lot of photographers will have multiple packages that you can choose from. Also ask what each package comes with such as a photo book, a canvas, prints, etc.

8. How much of a deposit is required to book the date? When is the balance due? What forms of payment do you accept?

It’s important that you and the photographer are on the same page with payments; that way there isn’t under or over payment. Usually photographers have this in their contract.

9. What is your plan if you are unable to attend our wedding due to illness or an unforeseen circumstance?

It’s crucial to have a backup plan so you’re not scrambling for a replacement at the last second. Some photographers will refund your deposit and give you a list of photographers that they recommend!

10. What if my wedding runs late? Is there an extra charge?

Knowing the photographer’s overage fee is important! You don’t want to be shocked when you are charged an extra $500 before your photos are released to you.

11. How do you deliver images?

How the photographer delivers images is important especially if you’re wanting something specific like a photo book or canvas. Does the photographer mail a USB? Are you given any prints? Is there an online gallery?

12. When can I expect to see the pictures after the wedding?

It is going to take some time for the photographer to cull and edit your images, especially if they are a busy bee and shoot a lot of weddings. Ask the photographer what their timeline is and if they post sneak peeks on social media. This way you know when to expect your images and you’re not left wondering!

Remember this day is all about you- the couple! It’s YOUR big day and it may take some time before you find that perfect photographer. Do your research and find someone that you trust to capture every moment.


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