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Kayla and Curt's Engagement Session - Old Man's Cave

Kayla and Curt had their engagement session a couple weeks ago at Old Man’s Cave. It was surprisingly not busy, so we kind of had the place to ourselves! It was really nice to not feel rushed and to just hang out while taking some amazing photos. I had a really fun time with them. I loved that they both were up for adventure and didn’t mind getting in the water.

Kayla not only brought some cute props, but she also had some great ideas for poses. I love when couples come with poses in mind; I want your gallery to be full of photos you LOVE and that describe who you are as a couple. The necklace Kayla wore is really important to her family; her great grandpa gave it to her great grandma and to this day, they still don't know what the date is for.

Even though I grew up hiking at Old Man’s Cave, I totally got us lost! I thought we were on one trail heading in one direction, but turns out we were heading in a different direction on a complete different trail. We had fun anyway and it just made for some awesome memories!

I’m really excited for Kayla and Curt’s wedding next Spring!

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