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My Top Favorite 20 Photos from 2020

2020 was a rough year. I know we’ve all said it and heard it so many times, but it was rough. I went into this year with big goals and unfortunately, due to COVID19, I wasn’t able to meet all of those goals. Despite all the hardships, there are a lot of good things that came out of this year and I’m really proud of how I handled the tough times. One amazing thing about this year is that I was still able to photograph weddings, couples, and families! Safely, of course.

I was able to see a lot of my wonderful clients again as well as meet new ones and I wanted to share my top favorite 20 photos from this year with you. I think it’s so important to look back and see the work you’ve done and think about where you want to go from here. Plus, it’s just super fun to reminisce on all the weddings and family sessions! You can see my favorite photos from 2019 here.

I took a lot of photos this year and it was so hard to just pick 20 of my favorites! I loved all of them and honestly, all of them are my favorite. What I thought was going to be a terrible year, ended up being amazing all because of my clients. They truly are what helped me push through this year!

I hardly ever photograph seniors, but Abby's sweet momma reached out to me and I knew I had to take it! Abby had a mini session in downtown Lancaster and then a full session at Slate Run Metro Park. This photo is from downtown Lancaster. She was a pro in front of the camera! I just really love the look on her face and how she pops off the steps.

AJ and Jackie were originally supposed to get married in May, but had to postpone to September. Through the process of booking, their engagement session, and postponing, they became friends instead of just clients. Jackie and AJ are truly two of the best people I know and their families are equally as wonderful!

The first photo of Jackie was something I've never done before. I wanted to be creative and try something new; I love how it turned out! I actually didn't pose Jackie and her momma in the second photo. Her mom suggested that pose and I'm so glad she did because I love it! It's just so sweet and their smiles are so genuine.

I love the veil sweep in the last photo of Jackie and AJ and I also really like Jackie's little smile. You can totally see the love!

Alie and David are so sweet and I'm so glad I was able to photograph their wedding. The way they look at each other in the first photo is what made me choose it and of course, we cannot forget about that awesome car! Getting ready photos of the bride is always fun to photograph, but I feel like this picture of Alie is just so classic and she is stunning.

I loved every single photo from Ariana and Jordan's maternity session, but this one was my favorite. The flowers are so pretty with her dress and Ariana has a wonderful smile! To see what that little baby looks like, click here.

Brandon and Lauren won the Dream Wedding Giveaway hosted by The Mill Event Center and I'm so glad they did. They are so kind and to hear the stories their friends and family tell of them really proves that. I always love first kiss pictures! I think this one is just so sweet and of course, who can beat that best man? I have very high expectations for every best man after him!

Brandy and Bob were super fun to photograph and this is one of my favorite spots at Inniswoods Metro Gardens. I like how the flowers and building frame them!

Bri and Jon had their engagement session at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park. This one is my favorite because I love the water in the background and the way Jon is looking at Bri!

Bri and Jon also had to postpone their wedding and ended up having a super small, intimate wedding at Columbus Park of Roses with their closest friends and family. We all loved this little gazebo so much that we waited 10 minutes to use it! It's so beautiful.

I can't share my favorite photos from the year without sharing my own kid right? We announced my pregnancy with Jaxon using these photos! Henry actually had no idea what the photos meant, but was unhappy because I wouldn't give him a cookie... toddlers.

This photo is another one that I got creative with and wasn't sure how it would turn out. Couples who let me be creative are the best! Emily is so stunning and this photo really captures that. Ugh, I love it.

Jessica and Joey's engagement session was taken on their property in Rockbridge and it rained the whole time. Literally didn't stop until I was walking to my car to leave and head home! But we made the best of it and I'm super happy with how their photos turned out. Jessica was barefoot the whole time and I think that really captures who they are. Barefoot in the rain!

This pictures really gets me from Lindsay and Phil's wedding day. Phil looks so excited to see Lindsay walk down the aisle. To the left, is Lindsay's momma who is holding a picture of Lindsay's dad who unfortunately passed away and couldn't be there physically. Lindsay and Phil honored her dad in so many ways and I felt the love all day. The best part of my job is being able to capture special moments like this.

Let's not forget about this wonderful family! I don't share family photos a lot because I am primarily a wedding photographer, but I do enjoy photographing them. Andrea actually owns Lyle's Bakery and makes some pretty good cake pops and cookies!

You know I couldn't post this blog without including a picture of a dog somewhere. Who would I be if I didn't? Sweet miss Betty was not a fan of having the camera in her face, but she was cute anyway.

The last photo in my list is actually one I took recently while second shooting for Ashley Wallace Photography. Oak Grove has this wonderful field that always makes for the best sunset shots. Katharyn and Michael just look so happy here!

Those are my top 20 favorite photos from 2020. I'm super excited to see what 2021 holds for me and what other great couples and families I get to meet!

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