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My Top Five Favorite Locations to Shoot

One of my photography dreams is to someday travel for weddings. I would love to shoot a wedding in the heart of the Georgia or even Hawaii! Unfortunately, that dream is a little out of reach right now and I have to stick with my home state. I’m not that bummed though, because Ohio has so many beautiful parks and wedding venues! I thought I would share my top 5 locations and why I enjoy shooting there.

I love this park! I love it because it has so many different areas that are great for photos. There is a bridge, a trail covered in trees, and even docks by the water. I hold all my mini sessions there and it’s usually one of the first places I suggest for an engagement session.

Slate Run is also a great place to hold mini sessions. They have a huge field that is beautiful, but slightly pokey, in the summer. They also have a dock by the water and a ton of trees that make for some amazing outdoor photos.

Honestly, who doesn’t love Jorgensen Farms?! It’s a stunning wedding venue. I first fell in love with the farm when I was looking at venues for my own wedding. I just really like all the ceremony locations and the fact that the reception is held in the barn. The Farm also has SO MANY amazing places for photos. I’m sure there’s some that I don’t even know about! It’s great for a rustic, outdoor wedding.

I know, I just don’t ever stop talking about this venue, but I have to rep my hometown of Lancaster! I love the Mill because it’s the first venue to ever make me love indoor photos. I’m a natural light photographer, so I don’t enjoy indoor photos as much as I do outdoor, but the Mill completely changed the game for me. There’s a lot of natural light and charm, so portraits always turn out amazing!

I recently came across the Orchard House this year and let me tell you, it took my breath away! The ceremony site seriously feels like you stepped into a fairytale; it’s that amazing. The best part about the Orchard House is that it’s not only great for weddings, but for sessions too! There are so many options there for outdoor photos. They also have chickens and goats, which in my personal opinion, is the best part!

Being a wedding photographer has given me the chance to see a lot of stunning locations for weddings and sessions. I tend to stick to what I know, but I’m excited to shoot at venues I’ve never seen before this year. Who knows, I might even have a different list for you next year!

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