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Romantic Engagement Session | Inniswoods Metro Gardens | Bexley, Ohio

Kendall and Eric had their engagement session at Inniswoods Metro Gardens in Bexley, Ohio a couple of weeks ago. The weather was so perfect and the lighting was even better! I love Inniswoods because there's so many areas for photos and it's so beautiful. They have so many tulips; it's amazing!

For engagement sessions, I always recommend a dressier outfit and then a more casual outfit to change into halfway through. Kendall and Eric started with a dressier outfit. I love Kendall's dress and the way it pops against all the flowers. Kendall and Eric are so loving and goofy with each other, so they made my job easy ;)

I love the way they look at each other!

For the second half of their session, Kendall and Eric changed into a more casual outfit. I ADORE the photos on the stairs. I think those are my favorite from the whole session! I also really love them sitting in the pink tulips and of course, we had to go back to the colorful tulips and take some more photos.

It was such a joy to finally meet them and talk about their wedding plans! I can't wait to capture so many amazing memories at their wedding in October. :)


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