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Spring Family Session at Slate Run Metro Park

In the beginning of April, I hosted Pay What you Can Mini Sessions where I opened up multiple spots for 20 minute sessions and clients could simply just pay what they could afford to. It was definitely controversial in the photography world, but with inflation and living in general costing so much, updated photos are a luxury for most. I remember living on a very tight budget and passing up newborn photos and photos of my new family of three. Those are moments that I won't have in photos; moments that I won't get to pass down to the next generation. It's why I chose to host Pay What you Can Minis and why I'll probably continue to do them yearly!

One of the families that I photographed during minis was the Butler family. I had talked to Ashley a couple of times on Instagram and was so glad that I was able to finally meet her and her beautiful family! Ashley's boys, Wyatt and Remy, were so good for photos and we even got some shots of Wyatt in his cool sunglasses and hat. I also love his Lightning McQueen shoes! It did start to rain a little bit at one point, but luckily stopped and the sun came out for the some beautiful lighting. It was perfect!

I enjoyed this session so much and it's sessions like this that remind me how passionate I am and how much I love my job. The fact that I am blessed to be able to meet such sweet families and provide them with updated photos of their babies means the world to me.


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