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Why You Should Have a Second Shooter at Your Wedding

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to hiring a second photographer for your wedding day like: budget, quantity of photos, and style. As a professional photographer, I absolutely think that you should hire a second photographer. In fact, I believe in it so much that all my wedding collections come with a second shooter. Many photographers will either have a second included in their packages or give you the option to add one. Even though a second photographer costs more money, they’re so worth it!

Unfortunately, your photographer can’t be in two places at once. If you want photos of the wedding party getting ready, it helps to have a second photographer to cover that. The primary photographer can stay with one group while the second covers the other group. This really helps if you only have 6 hours of coverage and keeps the wedding day running smoothly.

Let’s be honest, not all weddings go according to plan and sometimes timelines get behind. Having a second photographer helps cover that lost time. For example, I can send my second to photograph the reception area before guests arrive while I’m shooting portraits. That way we can get back on track more quickly. My second also helps with family formals by calling out names and corralling family members. Family formals are always a breeze!

Another great thing about having two photographers is that you get two perspectives! You’ll often get two angles of the same moment or a close up and wide angle of a shot. Second photographers usually focus on the smaller details, like you and your partner holding hands as you walk down the aisle, or your maid of honor grinning at you during portraits. Those special moments are important and deserve to be captured!

You’ll also have double the photos with another photographer! Every wedding photographer does it differently, but I give my couples every shot we take, aside from duplicates, blurry images, or any formal photos where someone’s eyes are closed. So, you will receive a lot of photos from your wedding day.

I’ll be honest, two years ago when I booked my wedding photographer, I wasn’t considering having a second shooter at all. Luckily, my photographer included a second in her collection. Her second photographer captured so many great moments and a lot of them turned out to be my favorite! I feel like having a second photographer offers a better experience for my couples and I know I’ll never shoot without a second again!

*Photos are taken while assisting other photographers- Leah Adkins Photography, Oh Deer Photography, and Paige Hough Photography.

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