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Why Printing your Photos from a Professional is Important

You may have heard your photographer suggest having your images printed through them or by a professional print lab. There are many reasons for this! Printing your photos is such an important process that many people unfortunately undervalue. Photographers love when you show off their work, but that also depends on the quality of the prints.

Walmart or any other drug store or online printer will not do your photos justice. Images printed by them usually have a shift in color or lack of sharpness. You’ll see your beautiful photos on the screen and be shocked when you see them printed because they will not look the same. Having your images printed through a professional printing lab will be more expensive and that is usually the reason that people choose to print their images elsewhere. I understand you’ve already invested in the photographer, so you might want a cheaper printer. But that’s exactly what they are, cheap, so your prints will come out looking cheap as well!

Photographers spend a lot of time on your images- more than just an hour of shooting. When you choose to have your images printed from a source other than a professional print lab, you are not accurately showing off the photographer’s work and may even cost them some business. Not to mention, your prints will not last as long if you print them from a low-quality printer. This is why I offer prints to my clients through their online gallery. The prints are always amazing quality and are shipped directly to the client usually within 5 business days.

I’m not trying to discourage you from using those printers at all! They’re great for photos from an iPhone or ones that won’t be hung up, but they’re not good for professional images that you’ve already invested so much time and money into. If you’re going to take the time to get ready and get your family ready, don’t you want those photos to last a lifetime? Here's an example of the differences in prints. *These are not my images and are only being used as an example.​​


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