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Fall Rio Grande Wedding | Central Ohio Wedding Photographer | Kendall and Eric

Two of the nicest people I know, Kendall and Eric, got married in October at Rio Ridge Venue in Rio Grande, Ohio. Even though it was a bit of a far drive for me, it was 1000% worth it! It was the perfect day and everything went amazing. Kendall and her girls got ready at a super cute airbnb down the road from the venue. I loved all the natural light and it was so fun watching the girls make tik toks! Kendall's dress was stunning and fit her so beautifully.

After they got ready, Kendall and her dad had a first look at the airbnb.

After their first look, we all headed to the venue where Kendall had set up a fake first look with Eric and his brother. Eric had no idea. It was hilarious and Eric's reaction made everyone laugh!

After the fake first look, it was time for the ceremony! Eric walked down the aisle holding their youngest son and their older 3 boys followed behind the groomsmen. Kendall's bonus mom was the officant; I really loved how much their family was involved in the wedding. Kendall and Eric are so amazing and sweet together. I loved the way they laughed with eachother during the ceremony and the looks they would sneak at each other.

After the ceremony, I photographed family formals (which I never share in blogs because I don't have everyones consent to share online), the wedding party, and Kendall and Eric. At this point, we were fighting the weather; a storm was coming in fast and it was getting super dark! Everyone followed directions so well though and I'm super proud of how we were able to work together as a team to get great photos for Kendall and Eric!

After portraits were done, the reception began! The food and speeches were great and the cake was amazing! Eric and Kendall had their first dances with each other and their parents. It was a wonderful reception! After the party was over, Kendall and Eric had a sparkler send off! It truly was a great day!

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