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Ryan and Leah - The Skylight - Newark, Ohio

Ryan and Leah met years ago when they both worked at Giant Eagle. Ryan worked as a pizza chef and Leah worked in the bakery. One day Leah brought over a bunch of donuts and Ryan wasn’t able to get one. Leah saw how upset Ryan was about missing out on donuts and brought him a massive sugar cookie with a heart on it. A little while later Leah asked Ryan out on a date to Ihop. He said yes and after dinner, they spent the night at Bicentennial Park in downtown Columbus. The next day Ryan told her mom that he could see himself marrying Leah and the rest was history!

On May 30th, Ryan made that dream come true and married Leah at The Skylight in Newark, Ohio. They were surrounded by their friends and family. Ryan and Leah put so much thought into their details. They had movie ticket stubs for their seating chart and a candy buffet and movie popcorn as treats. They also had a bunch of kid toys and a photobooth! I loved seeing all the hard work and effort they put into their day.

Leah broke tradition and had a short dress instead of a long one. I loved it and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was more her than what a traditional dress would have been. She also had no bridesmaids and had her four brothers as her bridesmen! Before walking down the aisle, Leah had a first look with her dad where both of them teared up. One of the best parts of my job is photographing intimate moments like this.

Ryan and Leah’s ceremony was short and sweet and perfect! They had one of the groomsmen officiate it and he did a fantastic job. After the ceremony, we walked to the courthouse for portraits. We also found a cute alleyway and an old style movie theater that was perfect for photos as it matched their wedding details!

Instead of having a bouquet or garter toss, Ryan and Leah had a toy toss for the kids! I really enjoyed seeing them break the mold of traditions and do their own thing. At sunset, we took the wedding party back to the courthouse for photos. The lighting was beautiful! We ended the night with a ton of open dancing. It was such a fun wedding!

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