SURPRISE! We are Pregnant! - A Pregnancy Journal - 2020

Updated: Jul 12


Surprise! I’m pregnant! Jacob and I are super excited to be welcoming our second and last baby into the world. We originally only wanted to have Henry, but decided that we didn’t want him to grow up alone. We both grew up with siblings and just felt like being an only child could be lonely. I wanted to share how I’m feeling and my thoughts as my pregnancy progresses; almost like a pregnancy journal!

When I was pregnant with Henry, I found out at 5 weeks and it was the same for this little bean! I am currently 5 weeks and some days along. Right now, I feel great! Some days, I do feel pregnant, but I’ve had no morning sickness or anything like that yet. I have had some mild cramping which is to be expected. And I sure am missing my 2-3 cups of coffee a day, but I know it’s better for the baby if I try to limit my caffeine.

Emotionally, Jacob and I are feeling pretty good! We are excited for what life will look like with two kiddos. We got rid of basically all our baby stuff because we originally didn’t want another child, so we are a little worried about having to buy everything again. But I know it will all work out! I’m hoping for a boy (fingers crossed!) and Jacob is okay with a boy or a girl. We already have names picked out, although I’m not 100% sold on the boy's name, but we will be keeping those a secret until the baby is born.


I had my first ultrasound yesterday and we also announced to the world that the little bean will be arriving December 2020! Because of COVID-19, Jacob was not able to come to the ultrasound which was a little upsetting, but I was able to record it to show him later. It was so sweet to see baby's little hand and legs moving around! After announcing to everyone that we are expecting, Jacob and I were showered with so much love from family and friends.

I am around 10 weeks along right now and still feeling really good. The morning sickness did kick in as I knew it would, but as long as I snack throughout the day and don’t let myself get too hungry, then I’m fine! I’ve been taking pregnancy pops with B6 and those have been a huge help as well. Jacob, Henry, and I are really just soaking in this time together as a family of 3. December seems far away now, but I know we will blink and it’ll be here!


I'm 18 weeks now and totally bumpin, but I'm soaking it up as this will be my last pregnancy! Even though I know this baby will complete our family and is our last baby by choice, it's still bittersweet to know I will be experiencing these things for the last time. Yesterday, Jacob and I had our closest family members over for a gender reveal! We've known the gender of our baby since 15 weeks, but have kept it a secret until now.

Since we moved into our new house in January, we had been wanting to have a cook out and have our family over. We've always loved to have family over for cook outs and parties, but it was extremely hard to at our last house because it was so small. So Jacob and I felt like it was the perfect time to combine a cook out and a gender reveal!

We wanted to be different and have our family be surprised with the gender while we knew the whole time. We ordered cupcakes from Birdies Cupcakes with the specified color inside and had each family member bite into their cupcake to find out the gender! It was so much fun and we are super excited to announce that we are having another boy! It was super cool to see everyone's reaction as they saw the color inside.

Even though we originally wanted to keep the baby's name a secret until he was born, we got excited and decided to share it now; we decided to name the baby Jaxon Chase. Jacob loves the name Jax, but I wanted a name with five letters since Jacob, Chloe, and Henry all have five letters (I know it's goofy). So we compromised on Jaxon (pronounced Jackson.) Chase is a name that runs in my family and I wanted to continue it along. It's also a super good name! We really love his name and feel like it's just right. We are super excited to meet him and can't wait to see how Henry is as a big brother!

Keep checking this page for more updates on my pregnancy journey!

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