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The Importance of an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

An unplugged wedding ceremony is when you ask guests to turn off their cameras, phones, tablets, and other digital distractions during the entire ceremony. The purpose of an unplugged ceremony is to allow the photographer to capture the wedding as perfectly as possible and to allow you and your guests to be fully in the moment!

The best way to do this is to have a sign at the entrance to your ceremony- where guests are picking up the ceremony program. Another option is to have a short, sweet line in the program itself asking everyone to unplug. Or, have your officiant take a moment to ask guests to unplug before you walk down the aisle. Guests are generally respectful when it comes to the couple’s wishes as it’s your big day!

*This is not my image and is only being used as an example

Your photographer will be so glad to know you’ve made this decision. It can be frustrating to take a wide shot and see so many guests with their phones up or have a guest jump in the way right as the first kiss is happening! By going unplugged, you will be giving your photographer the best chance to capture all of these important moments for you.

*This is not my image and is only being used as an example.

Going unplugged really is the best way to have those beautiful, intimate pictures of your ceremony that you want. It’s not a lot to ask that your closest friends and family be in the moment to share your special day with you. If you want, they can plug back in during cocktail hour and the reception. Personal photos are usually encouraged during the ‘party’ part of the wedding day, as you will get to see your celebration from their perspectives!

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