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My Top 5 Favorite Guest Book Ideas

As a wedding photographer, I have seen my fair share of guest book ideas. This is one decoration I love seeing because I feel like it really brings out who the couple is and showcases their creativity. I’m also a fan of guests having something fun to do during cocktail hour like filling out a guest book. I’m sharing my top five favorite guest books that I've seen! For my guest book at my wedding, Jacob and I created a book full of pictures from our engagement session as well as iphone pictures that we had taken throughout our years together. On the last page, the picture was an ultrasound of Henry since I was pregnant when we got married. The book basically showed our lives up until that point. We left room around the edges of the pictures and had our guests sign their names and write little notes! It was super sweet and something I love looking back on. One of my favorite guest book ideas is where each guest puts their fingerprint on a tree that is either drawn or painted on a piece of paper. Each fingerprint represents a leaf and the guests write their name next to their leaf. I think this is such a cute idea! It’s a unique take on a guest book and something that the couple can hang up in their home.

I also like the idea of guests taking their pictures with a polaroid camera, putting the picture in a book, and writing a note for the couple. One of my couples last year did that! My second shooter and I made sure to take our picture and add a note wishing them love and happiness. It was really fun to swift through the pages and see the silly pictures from their friends and family. What a great way for them to relive their special day!

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding, try using them in a guest book! Brian and Caroline had each guest sign a picture frame with a photo from their engagement session. I was super happy to see they printed their pictures and it’s also a way to hang their guest book in their home with a picture instead of just names.

Another alternative to a traditional guest book is to have each guest sign a heart and put it in a glass frame. I think this is a super sweet idea. Guests can either write notes or just sign their names if they’d like. With this type of guest book, it can be hung up or sit on a shelf or mantle as a decoration.

My favorite guest book idea of all time would have to be “Advice for the Bride and Groom.” This really isn’t a book at all, but it’s a way to offer advice to the couple on their big day. The couple can then look back at what their family and friends have learned from their own marriages and love!

I hope this blog post may have helped you if you didn't want a traditional guest book. My biggest advice is to get creative! How will you want to relive your special day 10 years from now?

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