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Wedding Day Details

One of my favorite things to photograph during a wedding is the details! The dress, florals, rings, and anything special that helps tell the story of your wedding day. I typically photograph details first; it helps me get in a creative mindset and is a great way to start a wedding.

While I don’t believe that details are the most important images to capture, they help bring in all the elements from the big day to really convey your theme. Sometimes my couples don’t know what to include or how to prepare their details, so I thought writing this post might help ease that anxiety.

I always recommend that my couples have all their details together in a bag or box. That way when I arrive, I can just take that box from you and get started. Then we don’t have to run around trying to find them and you can just relax until the ceremony.

There are a lot of details to consider, so here is a list of what you might want to include:

The Rings: All 3 of them! Hang on to them until I arrive, then once I photograph them, I will make sure to give them to your ring bearer or best man.

Perfume: If you’re wearing special perfume, this is a fun addition to detailed shots.

Bouquet: Bouquets are one of my favorite details to photograph; they’re so pretty and unique to the bride. They also make for stunning photos with the rings.

Invitation Suite: If you think you might forget this, you can always mail a copy to me and I’ll make sure to bring it the day of.

If you don't have a full invitation suite, that's okay. Detailed shots can be just as pretty with a one page invite.

Dress: I typically photograph the dress first.

Jewelry: Any extra jewelry you will be wearing like earrings or bracelets should be included!

Anything Else you Want Photographed: If there’s any other special details you’d like photographed, be sure to add them into the box! This can be anything; something passed down from your grandma or something borrowed from your best friend.

Grooms: Grooms can have detailed shots done as well! I typically photograph their watch, shoes, tie, cufflinks, and cologne. However, if there’s anything special he wants added, I’ll be sure to photograph that as well.

Deciding on your details is a great time for you to get creative! You can go all out and include every element from your wedding day or stay simple and stick to the traditional shots. Either way, it’s your story, tell it how you want to.

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