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Why You Should Consider a Microwedding Instead of Canceling

Since the pandemic, more and more couples are switching to a microwedding instead of canceling or postponing their wedding. I’m a huge fan of these for so many reasons! With the Governor frequently changing orders; it can be really hard to have that big wedding you’ve always dreamed of. One thing that Covid has taught us is that weddings are about LOVE! They’re not about the details or party favors. All that matters is that you and the love of your life got married!

Here are some reasons you may want to switch to a micro wedding:

1. It’s easier to stay on budget! With a lower headcount, you don’t have to purchase as much food, decor, or party favors and can instead focus on the things that are extremely important to you. Like maybe booking a dream wedding vendor that you couldn’t before or spending more money on your honeymoon!

2. Your options for venues are endless! Since you’ll have less people, you won’t have to worry about finding a space that accommodates hundreds of people. You also could book a cute airbnb or just get married in your backyard.

3. One reason some couples won’t want to switch to a microwedding is because they’ll have to cut down on the guest list. A good rule of thumb is to invite the people that you frequently talk to. If you don’t talk to Aunt Martha or only see Cousin Fred once every two years; why invite them? By having a shorter guest list you not only save on money, but you’ll have more time to spend with your guests and really soak up those moments with them instead of worrying about saying hi to a bunch of people.

4. Another perk of having a microwedding is that you can do it on a week day! Vendors are more likely to have more availability through the week and some may have lower prices for week days.

5. Microweddings are guaranteed to be less stressful than a huge wedding and can be planned quickly if needed.

Even though having a microwedding may not be what you always dreamed of, the emotions on the day will be the same. You are marrying the love of your life! Whether you choose to tie the knot just you two or you are surrounded by your closest friends and family members; nothing else matters except that you love each other and get married!

I’m a fan of all types of weddings. I believe in love and that the details, guest list, reception space is all just background noise. The only thing that should truly matter is tying the knot; in whatever way you want to!

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