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The Refined Second Shooter Workshop

Last time I wrote, I shared my 2019 professional goals. I actually tend to start my goals early and this year was no different. Last month fellow photographers Michelle and Kelsie hosted the Refined Second Shooter Workshop. Second shooting is something that I really enjoy doing and since one of my goals is to further my education, I attended their workshop.

The Refined Second Shooter Workshop was all about just that- second shooting. Michelle and Kelsie covered how to best serve not only the primary photographer, but the couple and their family on the wedding day. They also went over some off-camera flash skills (another 2019 goal of mine!) They had a lot of points that I didn’t even think about and now I feel that I can serve my clients better too!

Not only did Michelle and Kelsie teach us, but they had a styled shoot for us to put what we learned to practice. The models, Hanna and Ian, are such a sweet couple and pros at posing. I learn best by first watching others, then trying for myself, so I really enjoyed that it was both a workshop and a styled shoot.

The Refined Second Shooter Workshop was held at The Estate at New Albany. This venue is so beautiful I’m praying that I will have the opportunity to shoot a wedding there soon. Hanna also did her own hair and makeup as she owns Le’Reve Makeup. She looked gorgeous! Petals and Leavescreated the bouquet and centerpiece, which had beautiful flowers that went perfectly with the dress from LUXEredux Bridal.

We also had a styled shoot for the reception and that’s where we worked on our off-camera flash abilities. Michelle and Kelsie used Kate Spade as an inspiration when setting up the reception table. The tablecloth was an amazing black sparkle and the napkins had black and white stripes with a pink underlay. GYC linensreally made their inspiration come to life and I think it turned out great!

I learned so much from this workshop and to be honest, I feel like I have failed the photographers that I have second shot for. I definitely could have served them better on the wedding day. I’m so glad I attended The Refined Second Shooter workshop because now I know! Thank you so much to Michelle and Kelsie for hosting this event. They are planning to have another second shooter workshop next year. To follow their journey of photo education, click here.


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