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Kenzi and Colton

I first met Kenzi when we both worked at the Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center and Shelteralmost two years ago. We bonded over our love for dogs and working out; she quickly became a close friend and someone that I talked to daily.

There were a lot of people that supported me in following my dream of becoming a photographer and Kenzi was one of them. When I felt like giving up, she was always there to tell me to keep pushing and chase my passion. She also was one of my main confidants when I was pregnant with Henry. Any time those pregnancy hormones kicked in and I became terrified of being a mom, she was there.

Kenzi was one of the first people that let me photograph her when I first started this amazing journey. I was excited when she recently booked a session with me because it had been so long since I photographed her. I was also interested to see how much of a difference there would be in the pictures I took of her and Colton vs the photos I took of just her a year ago.

Our session was scheduled for Saturday, but because of the rain we rescheduled for Sunday. On Friday night, Colton, (Kenzi’s boyfriend, now fiance!!) messaged me on Instagram to text him, but to not let Kenzi know… and I just knew what he was planning! So, I texted him and he tells me he’s going to propose to Kenzi at our session! I was so excited I screamed and started jumping up and down (yes, I am THAT person.)

The session was at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park in Carroll, Ohio. We started on the path by the fields and then made our way to one of the docks overlooking the water. I asked Kenzi to face away from Colton, that he was going to run up behind her and hug her. Instead, he got down on one knee! As soon as he was ready, I said “Okay Kenzi, turn around.” She did, and her mouth dropped open! I loved seeing her reaction and the fact that she was so visibly surprised.

Proposals are so sweet and amazing, especially when it’s someone that you know. I’m so grateful that I was able to capture such a special moment for Colton and Kenzi and that they will have these photos to look back on for years to come! Congratulations to you two! I’m so excited to see where this life takes you and thank you so much for trusting me to photograph such an amazing milestone in your relationship.

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