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5 Easy Steps to Create your Wedding Day Timeline

The key to a successful wedding day is to plan it out. Breaking down your wedding into stages helps you and your vendors stay on track. The more detailed the itinerary is, the better. Your wedding day timeline should include details leading up to the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and the entirety of your reception.


Some couples struggle with where to even begin when creating their wedding day itinerary. So, I broke it down into 5 easy steps:

1. Start with your ceremony time

Let your photographer know what time your ceremony begins so they can schedule time appropriately. It’s important to think about questions like; Will the photos be taken at the venue or somewhere else? Are we having a first look? If you are, you may want to consider having your couple’s portraits done before the ceremony. That leaves more time for formal family and wedding party shots after. Answering questions like those will help the timeline flow smoothly.

2. Getting ready

If you’re getting ready at a different location than your venue, you need to add time in for transportation. Once you schedule your photos, you can plan your beauty appointments. Let your hair stylist and makeup artist know your itinerary so they can determine the appropriate amount of time and won’t be rushed.

3. Don’t forget to eat!

Wedding days are so busy that it’s easy to forget to eat. By planning every detail, you can carve out time in your day for meals and snacks. Maybe even have your food delivered so you don’t have to worry about packing anything. Don’t let a grumbling stomach or hangry attitude ruin your big day.

4. Think about the reception

Consider all the events you would like to include in your reception such as cake cutting and dances. Usually your DJ will help you create a timeline for your reception. Breaking the reception down helps ensure that the DJ, photographers, and videographers will all be on the same page and will be able to capture the events seamlessly. Start with the time you two need to leave the venue and work backwards from there. That way you’re able to get everything you want done and not feel rushed.

5. Let everyone know

The best way to organize your wedding day with everyone involved is to provide all of them with a copy of your schedule. This helps your wedding party know when they are needed and where, so they can stand by you every step of the way. If you are having family photos, give them an itinerary as well to ensure they stick around after the ceremony.

If you plan everything out, you can be prepared for anything. Focusing on a detailed timeline now allows you to enjoy your day when it comes.


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