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Alli and Cody - Anderson Farms - Granville, Ohio

Alli and Cody contacted me in December of last year for their wedding. They were my first wedding that I had booked for 2019 and I’ve seriously been excited for their wedding since they booked me! They are such sweet and down to earth people and their wedding was so unique to them; I’m really glad they chose me to photograph it.

Alli and Cody got married at Anderson Farms in Granville. I was so happy from the moment I pulled up because there were donkeys and goats right by the parking lot. Anyone who knows me, knows that I would love to have a goat one day. I really enjoy photographing rustic weddings, especially when there are animals. To put the icing on the cake, their dogs, Stout and Oakley, were also a part of the wedding. Literally heaven on earth!

Rustic wedding at Anderson Farms in Granville, Ohio

Alli and Cody’s ceremony was really sweet and unique. They had each guest take a rock from a basket as they found their seat. During the ceremony, the officiant asked each guest to hold the rock and think of all the wishes and dreams they had for the couple. It was a really sweet moment and something that I had never seen before. 

Beautiful bridal portraits

Alli and Cody were naturals at posing in front of the camera; I didn’t have to work very hard! There such a loving couple, that it really shines through in their portraits. During their reception, Alli’s dad gave a speech that made everyone tear up and all the guests had a great time dancing! 

My favorite part was how at home I felt the whole day. Both their families are so welcoming and kind. Congratulations Alli and Cody! Thank you so much for allowing me to be your third wheel on your wedding day.

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