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Birdies Cupcakes- Recommended Vendor

As a mom running her own business, I’m a really big fan of community over competition. I believe you cannot fill your cup without filling others’, and nothing feels better than being surrounded by people doing the same thing you do and enjoying it. From that belief came the idea to feature great vendors I’ve worked with on my social media and monthly newsletters.

My first monthly feature is Macy from Birdies Cupcakes. I admired Macy even before I met her because her cakes and cupcakes are so beautiful. I love baking, although I’ll admit I’m not the best at it (who knew liquid cups were different than solid cups??) and I really admire the detail she pours into her work. Macy bakes cupcakes and cakes for basically any event: birthday parties, weddings, you name it.

When asked what her favorite part of her job was, she said, "It's so hard to think of one thing that I love most about Birdies, so I think I'll just say baking. It that cheating? Brainstorming ideas, mixing up batter, the smell of cupcakes in the oven, decorating, the satisfaction when it's done; every part of it. Baking has always been my hobby, coping mechanism, and stress relief. I figured doing it for a living was a dream job that wasn't at all attainable. Now, somehow, I get to bake every day for people who are supporting my dream and little business! The best part of baking used to be eating the finished product, but now it's being able to give the finished product away. I enjoy showing my love through cake and making sure every cake and cupcake is one of a kind to the person receiving it. Every morning I wake up excited to be baking!"

Macy was the first person I thought of when designing my cake for the Mill Event Center Styled Shoot and also for my son’s birthday cupcakes. Both were amazing! All my family talked about at the party was how moist the cake was and how cute the decorations were! My mom even bought a cat cake from her my little sister’s birthday. Our family loves her sweets! Check out Birdies Cupcakes for all your event needs!


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