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Party Plus Lancaster - Recommended Vendor - Lancaster, Ohio

June’s recommended vendor is Party Plus right in my hometown, Lancaster. I’ve had the privilege of working with Colleen from Party Plus multiple times. I love working with them! Party Plus offers many different rental products. They can help you with a turnkey wedding experience or fill in a couple items that your venue may not offer. Party Plus specializes in outdoor, tent, weddings, but they have very strong relationships with local venues like The Mill Event Center.

Party Plus offers tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, lighting, tableware, catering equipment, linens, mobile bars, sound and lighting equipment, wedding arches, cake stands, decor, vases, candleholders, rustic barrels, farm tables, etc. Basically anything you need for the perfect outdoor tent wedding; they’ve got it! Party Plus also helps venues supplement their inventory like providing additional chairs or dishes to a venue if they’re in need. Or if their couple wants to use their outdoor space and have a tent, Party Plus can pitch in and help.

When I asked Colleen what her favorite part of her job was, she said, “I enjoy meeting my clients! We live in a very impersonal and transactional society. I truly enjoy getting the opportunity to learn about my clients and get a feel for how they envision their wedding and reception.” I completely agree with her! Meeting my clients for the first time and getting to talk to them about their dream wedding is truly amazing.

Party Plus has been serving the Lancaster community since 2014, but they recently built a new, beautiful showroom that’s open to the public at 430 W. Fair Ave. They have rental items on display for couples to see and feel. Party Plus will also set up a mock table for clients to help them visualize how the tables will look at their venue. I love the showroom because not only is it stunning, but it’s super easy for couples to walk in and see everything set up and be able to choose what they want for their wedding!

Colleen says, “If you’re planning a tent wedding, we offer free CAD drawings and site visits. The site visits help us make the best recommendation for how your property can be best used for a tent event. The CAD drawing is a great tool for clients to visualize how the space can be laid out and you can pass it out to friends, family, and vendors who are assisting in your wedding weekend!”

Colleen wishes clients would come to her early in their planning process. Clients usually reach out within the last 6 months - 2 weeks of their planning process. Clients often come into the showroom and are surprised that Party Plus offers so many things. Because they come to Colleen so late in the process, they’ve already bought a lot of decor, centerpieces, linens, etc when they could have rented them. Colleen says, “The rental industry can be a significant cost savings to our clients. Clients can rent the same, or similar item, for the fraction of the costs and they’re not stuck with it afterwards.”

I know for my own wedding, had I known that Party Plus offered so many amazing options then I would have went the renting route instead of buying everything. I did rent my linens from them, but I had no idea about the other things. It would have saved me so much money and hassle!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Colleen at Party Plus multiple times for styled shoots. Every time I’ve contacted Colleen and told her my vision for the shoot, she is able to help make it come to life! I highly recommend Party Plus for all your rental needs. You can follow Party Plus on Facebook and Instagram.

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