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Creative Ways to Display Engagement Photos at Your Wedding

Displaying engagement photos at your wedding is not only a fun way to honor your commitment to each other, but also provides affordable decorations! Here are some tips on creative ways to show off your engagement photos:

(The photos below are just examples. They are not my work or from my own wedding.)

1. String Them Up

You can tie photos with twine, ribbon, or lace, and drape them all over- from trees, rafters, arbors, you name it. This idea is perfect for rustic weddings.

2. Center of Attention

Engagement photos make great centerpieces. You could place a polaroid next to a flower arrangement, set prints in mason jars, or stand them up in antique frames. There’s so many options!

3. Make it Sweet

This is a fun one. Choose your favorite engagement photograph to top your cake as a modern take on a delicious tradition. Have your picture and eat it too!

4. Frame the Aisle

Display your photos along the aisle, by the first chair in every row. They’ll not only serve as great decorations, but your guests will have something to look at while they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin.

5. Build a Book

A photo book is a great way to show off your engagement pictures. You could use it as your guest book like I did at my own wedding! I made a little book on Shutterfly and had our wedding guests sign the pages. Two keepsakes in one!

6. Full Circle

Incorporating your engagement photos into the wedding party’s accessories is a beautiful way to share the story of your love. You can have them made into cufflinks, jewelry, or even include them in your bouquet.

You don't have to just display engagement photos. Displaying pictures of loved ones is a wonderful way to honor their memory.  

I hope you find these tips useful for displaying your engagement photos at your wedding. If you did something similar, or have some new ideas, please share below!


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