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Dani and Trenton - Slate Run Metro Park - Ohio

A couple weeks ago, I got to meet up with Dani and Trenton for their engagement session at Slate Run Metro Park! I knew Dani in high school and played softball with her. It's such an honor to photograph her engagement session years later!

Dani and Trenton were super fun to photograph and were up for any pose I threw their way. Including laying down in a very pokey field! Dani really wanted a shot on the dock and at first I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get it because there were people fishing on it. We went to different areas at the park while we waited. By the time we made our way back to the dock, they were done and we were able to grab a couple of those shots!

Those are my favorite photos from their session as well as the ones with the purple trees in the back! Golden hour really makes the sun shine through those trees and it's super pretty. I'm so excited to photograph Dani and Trenton's wedding in November!

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