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Eight Tips to Prepare for a Boudoir Session

Congratulations on booking a boudoir session! This can be a huge step outside of your comfort zone, but boudoir sessions are all about feeling empowered and seeing yourself in a whole new light. If you've chosen me to photograph your boudoir session, just know it's not a job I take lightly and I'm so honored that you trust and feel comfortable with me. Below are five tips for preparing for your boudoir session!

  1. Begin dreaming about your ideal poses and outfits. You can head over to Pinterest or ask to view some boudoir galleries that your photographer has done in the past to get a good idea of poses you'd like to try. After finding images you're drawn to, you can start to visualize the type of session you'd like to have and what you want to show off. I've had a couple of my brides do a bridal boudoir session. They brought a veil and everything! It was so magical.

  2. The best place to start shopping is your own closet. What would you choose to wear if you wanted to look and feel your best? You might already have some pieces that you really love to wear and feel beautiful in. There's nothing wrong with going shopping for some new pieces though! Grab a friend and make a fun date out of it. If you're buying something new, I recommend trying it on and making sure you're comfortable in it. The more comfortable you feel, the better your session will be. What you wear is totally up to you. I've had clients wear lingerie and I've also had some wear jeans and a bralette. Boudoir sessions are 100% up to you!

  3. If you're wanting to have your hair and makeup professionally done, I recommend booking that appointment right after booking your session for the morning of. Having your hair and makeup done is an amazing way to feel pampered and relax before your session. If you're choosing to get a wax before your session, I would also book that 3-5 days before your session.

  4. 1-2 days before: Get a mani and pedi. Exfoliate your skin. Pack everything you're bringing to the session. Try on your outfits again and take off all tags. I know this is a big one, but I recommend not getting a spray tan for your session. Or if you do, maybe do it 1-2 weeks before. Spray tans are tricky and can sometimes show orange in photos and can be sticky if they're fresh.

  5. On the day of: Moisturize your whole body. Make sure you wear loose clothing on your way to your session, that way you don't have any imprint lines. Allow plenty of time to arrive early! You'll feel more at ease and not rushed even if you're only a couple of minutes early.

  6. Come as you are. The recommendations above for hair and makeup are just that: recommendations. You do not have to do those things in order to feel beautiful because you're beautiful just the way you are! Do not feel like you have to change who you are for a boudoir session. A boudoir session is meant to highlight who you are in this moment and to have some fun while doing it! You are beautiful and amazing and your photos will showcase that.

  7. Think beyond the session. Think about how you want to preserve your photos. An album and prints are my favorite way to show off a boudoir session! I do offer both albums and prints and can even help you design an album.

  8. Trust your photographer. Stepping in front of the camera, especially for an intimate shoot, can be nerve-racking. I admire all the women who have trusted me to photograph them. I am a very laid back person and I love to have fun, so I'll try to make you laugh during the session and bring out some real emotion. I'm totally okay trying poses you've seen on social media, switching things up if you don't feel comfortable, and just having a fun time! Please feel free to be yourself with me. I promise to be your biggest hype girl during your session.

Hopefully these tips help you prepare for a boudoir session regardless of who you've chosen as your photographer. The important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy the session!


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