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Fall Mini Sessions - Jeffrey Mansion - Bexley, OH

Every year in October, I host a day just for mini sessions. It’s always such a big hit and so much fun! Last year, I chose Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley, Ohio for my fall minis location. The majority of my clients were repeats or people I knew from high school! It was so good to see everyone again.

I love Jeffrey Mansion because not only is the mansion itself stunning, but the surrounding property is also so beautiful. It’s a great location to add in variety for a session or even a wedding! I always start my sessions at the front of the mansion and make my way to the back. The back of the building is where they have the famous steps that everyone loves for photos! Then there is also the little wooded area. It's the perfect mix.

I’m currently unsure of when I will be hosting fall minis again, most likely some time in October, but I do know I will be having spring minis in May, so be on the look out for that link!


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