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Kim and Josiah- Surprise Proposal Session

Josiah reached out to me a couple weeks before his session. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Kim, during the session and wanted it to be a complete surprise. He had the proposal all planned out and it went perfectly!

He told her that I was a friend needing photos for my portfolio and had asked Josiah and Kim if they were willing to be my models. Josiah booked the cutest Airbnb in Columbus, which we pretended belonged to a friend of mine. The Airbnb had so much natural light, it was a total dream to shoot in!

We wanted to make sure the proposal went smoothly, and Josiah had the perfect plan. He brought music with him and on the last song he said, “Wow, it’s getting hot in here!” That was my cue to pose them so Kim was facing away from Josiah with her eyes closed. As soon as he was down on one knee and ready, I told her to open her eyes and turn around.

It really was a great plan and worked out so well! Kim was so surprised and of course, she said, “Yes!” We finished up the session with some photos of the newly engaged couple. I love engagement sessions, but I have to say that surprise proposals take the cake!


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