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Lindsay and Phil - Buckeye Lake Engagement Session - Thornville, Ohio

Last week, I photographed Lindsay and Phil's engagement session at their home right on Buckeye Lake! I loved having the session in their neighborhood and capturing their love so close to the lake. I hardly ever go to Buckeye Lake, but I really enjoy when I do because it reminds me so much of the beach!

Lindsay and Phil's backyard is literally Buckeye Lake, so we started there and took some pictures by the lillipads and then went to a different part of their neighborhood! All the docks and the little waterfall by the rocks was so pretty! We also loved the little white bridge and the weather was perfect for an engagement session.

The sun peeked out at the end of our session and I was able to capture my favorite shot from that day! Lindsay and Phil are getting married in a little over a month. I'm super excited to capture their big day and all those special memories.

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