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Lauren and Brandon - Dream Wedding Giveaway - Lancaster, Ohio

When Hannah from The Mill Event Center first asked to participate in The Dream Wedding Giveaway, I was honored and excited! I said yes because I wanted to be a part of something exciting and that supported my community. Lancaster gets a bad rep sometimes, but I love it and it’s always been home. My job has brought me the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Not just my couples, but their family members and wedding vendors. The Dream Wedding Giveaway was a fun process and I’m happy Lauren and Brandon were the winners!

Lauren and Brandon are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Every time I met with them whether it was the first time or at their engagement session; they were always so kind! Their engagement session (see here) was so much fun and I knew their wedding would be the same way. I left their wedding with a full heart!

Lauren and Brandon are so humble and love God so much. They celebrated Him in their ceremony and had a private moment where they quietly told each other their private vows. It was intimate and beautiful and as they stood there and cried and read to each other; I was reminded again how grateful I am for the opportunity of photographing their wedding.

Lauren and Brandon were surrounded by family and friends who love them so much and it really shows. The maid of honor and best man both spoke about what great people Lauren and Brandon are and the amazing impact they have had on their lives. After being around Lauren and Brandon, I couldn’t agree more. I think they make an impact on everyone they meet!

I am so grateful that I had a chance to participate in The Dream Wedding Giveaway and I’m even more grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Lauren and Brandon and their kind family and friends. I wish you both many years of love and happiness!

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