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Lauren and Jeremy's September Wedding - Chillicothe, Ohio

Lauren and Jeremy’s wedding day was filled with so much love, laughter and Jesus! They had a tough time during their wedding planning with having to make multiple changes due to no fault of their own, but everything turned out so beautiful! The weather was perfect and everything went off without a hitch.

Lauren and Jeremy met line dancing over 3 years ago. Cotton Eye Joe came on and Lauren started dancing the same version that Jeremy knew. Jeremy jumped in next to her and after that song, they stood by the dance floor talking for the next hour. That following Monday, they went on their first date to a coffee shop and then a couple days later, Jeremy agreed to go looking for salamanders together at a nature center in the middle of the night! The rest is history.

Lauren had some special touches under her dress from her mom and Jeremy’s mom who unfortunately could not be there physically, but was definitely there in spirit. Jeremy and Lauren did a wonderful job honoring Tona, Jeremy’s mom. Jeremy had a little pin that hooked to his boutonniere that had a picture of her in it. They also saved a seat for her during the ceremony, and at the reception, they had a memorial table for her and other family members. They also had a book that asked guests to write down what they think Tona would say or think about the wedding day. I’ve never seen that before and I thought it was so special.

Lauren had a first look with her dad and it was so sweet! The day really was full of so much love and it was a joy to see how much Lauren and Jeremy’s family love and adore them. Before Lauren walked down the aisle, her, her bridesmaids, and her mom as well as some other family members had a prayer circle. They each went around and prayed for Lauren and Jeremy’s marriage. There was just so many unique details in the day that really blew me away and I think those details made the whole day that much better!

Lauren and Jeremy’s ceremony was stunning! The sky was beautiful and the weather was amazing. Lauren worked at a nature center and in her vows, she brought up how Jeremy used to let her bring baby animals into his apartment so she could take care of them while they hung out together. I just love that he was willing to go looking for salamanders during the night and let Lauren bring a bunch of baby animals into his home for her! Definitely relationship goals!

Family formals were really important to Lauren and Jeremy, so after the ceremony, we focused on those and then took formal photos of the wedding party and Jeremy and Lauren together. I really love how their portraits turned out! It was close to sunset time, so the lighting was great! Lauren, Jeremy, and their whole wedding party entered the reception to Cotton Eye Joe! The whole night was filled with dancing including a dance off between Jeremy and Lauren. They really made their wedding their own; it was so amazing!

Vendor List:

Venue: Bell Manor

Videographer: Olivu Wedding Co - The best I've worked with!

Cake: B & S Delights


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