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Run to an Elopement - Recommended Vendor

April's recommended vendor is Windi Noble from Run to an Elopement! I have worked with Windi on multiple occasions for styled shoots and I really enjoy working with her. She is a super sweet person and is so knowledgeable as well as super professional. I love that she really takes the time to get to know her couples and what they are wanting for their ceremony. Windi allows for a seamless ceremony and always makes sure to jump out of the way before the first kiss; which is a plus for photographers!

When I asked Windi what made her want to start a business in the wedding industry, she said, “Funny Story: I didn’t get ordained to be a wedding officiant!  I got ordained to be a “spiritual guide” in the healing art form of Reiki. A year later my best friend got engaged and asked me to officiate her wedding. Of course, you cannot say no to something like that – it’s such an honor!  So, the perfectionist in me feverishly began research on how to perform an unforgettable ceremony. With the help of my “bride”, we had the most amazing interfaith wedding ever! Later that same year I had the opportunity to serve three more couples – all without advertising, a website, or anything.  I am a firm believer that if something crosses your path more than three times it is worth exploring—so I built a website, made some cards (with lots of support of my creative friends), picked a name and ran with it. My second year as an officiant, I served 13 couples. Now six years later, I have a second officiant along with quite a “brand” and have had the honor of serving several hundred couples.” 

Windi also says, “My favorite part of my “job” is connecting with couples – hearing their love stories, meeting their families and friends, listening to the words they whisper to each other at the altar, the smell of eucalyptus in the bouquet, the waves of emotion and energy that fills the air.  In the heightened moments of chaos that swirl around me on such an important day, I am my calmest and clearly see what needs to be done. It’s like the world slows around me and I can use my strongest character traits to truly shine.” I love hearing why vendors love their jobs! My reason is the same: I love my couples and hearing the stories of how they met and got to where they are now. 

Windi stands out from other officiants which is why I enjoy working with her so much. I haven't had the opportunity to work with her at a real wedding yet, but just from working with her on styled shoots, I can tell she truly loves and cares about what she does. She is so kind and open to everyone and I think that is really important when it comes to finding someone to officiate your wedding.

When I asked Windi what she thinks makes her stand out from other officiants, she said, “HA!  Stand out! My charming personality- LOL! I truly care about my couples and deeply enjoy connecting with them. I have over 25 years’ experience in the service industry and have worked “weddings” from all angles – from food prep to service to management of banquet teams and so, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to have a seamless event. I have a curious mind and love meeting people, so connecting with the couple and their families comes easy to me. I have been blessed with the gift of gab and enjoy discussing many topics with people from all walks of life.” 

Windi offers many services that cater to couples including a meditative moment, an aura cleansing ritual, crystal gridding and ring blessings, spiritual premarital guidance, and custom written ceremonies. She recommends couples book their officiant 12 months out from their wedding date, but has had couples book 9-12 months out. 

Windi truly is a joy to be around and I highly recommend her to officiate your wedding! You can contact Windi at and also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Windi's headshot: Lindsey Zitzke Photography

Orchard House Styled Shoot :

- Venue: Orchard House

- Officiant: Run to an Elopement

- Hair and Makeup: LeReve Makeup and Hair

- Dress: Weddings Etc.

- Tux: AC Tuxedo

Winter Wonderland Styled Shoot

- Styled Shoot Planning: Oh Deer Photography and Run to an Elopement

- Gown: Lisa Emerita

- Hair and Makeup: AP Beauty Concierge

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