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Tall Timbers Banquet and Conference Center

Another one of my favorite venues is Tall Timbers Banquet and Conference Centerlocated in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I had the privilege of assisting a photographer with shooting a wedding there in June. 

Tall Timbers has multiple locations for your ceremony- which is one of the things I love about it! There is a gazebo surrounded by trees and a sidewalk that leads up to it, which makes for a perfect aisle. Another outdoor option is under the pergolas. They have three pergolas out back that are also surrounded by trees. You can choose to have your ceremony at any of them or they would be an awesome spot for bride and groom portraits. I also like the idea of hanging the wedding gown from one of the pergolas or the gazebo- such a pretty detail shot!

 I mean seriously? How perfect is this gazebo?!

This pergola is perfect for hanging a wedding gown.

Tall Timbers has two reception areas that you can choose from. They have a large room with a dance floor and a smaller room that would be perfect for a smaller guest list. The bigger room has a stage for the head table and the location of the dance floor allows every guest to see the first dance and feel included. I personally love this dance floor because if you get the lighting just right, you can capture the couple’s reflection as if they were dancing on water. The bigger room also has a beautiful fireplace, perfect for a fall wedding!

I love this fireplace. 

 The stage is perfect for a big or small wedding party and every guest can see the happy couple.

The smaller room is just right for a more intimate wedding. This room also has a fireplace and has plenty of space to maneuver and allow for the mingling of guests. I love how much space Tall Timbers has and that they can accommodate two weddings at one time.

Small reception area with fireplace.

This venue even has two bridal suites! One could be used for a groom’s suite if it’s not being used for something else. These rooms have multiple mirrors and chairs that would be ideal for getting hair and makeup done. They also have plenty of shelves to hang the dresses from and space for everyone to sit.

Overall, I really enjoy the feel of Tall Timbers. I think it’s the perfect space for a wedding and the outdoor ceremony options are to die for!


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