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Tips For a Stress Free Wedding Day

After months of planning, the big day has finally arrived! Now, how do you stay stress free to enjoy your wedding? See below for 11 tips on how to have a stress-free wedding day:

1. Don’t Sweat the Weather

You can’t control it, but you can prepare for it! If you’re having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, plan to have a tent as a backup or an extra location in case it rains. Some venues have indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces. This is perfect for unplanned weather emergencies!

2. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator

Planning your wedding on your own is fine, until the big day comes. You need someone to handle all the details for you, so you can just relax and enjoy getting married.

3. Schedule Accordingly

Only do what is necessary on your wedding day, such as hair and makeup. Try to schedule things like manicures the day before. Your wedding day is going to fly by so fast, the less things you have planned, the more time you have to enjoy the little moments!

4. Make Sure Someone Knows How to Bustle

Have your seamstress show your maid of honor or family member how to bustle! You can even record it, so no one forgets how to on the day of.

5. Have Alone Time with Your Spouse

You just got married! Take 10 minutes after the ceremony to spend some time alone.

6. Timeline

Having a timeline helps the wedding day run smoothly and stress free. If you need help creating a wedding day timeline clickhere

7. Break in your Shoes Beforehand

Break in your shoes before the wedding that way your feet don’t hurt all day long! Odds are you will probably take them off to dance, but at least you’ll be comfortable during the ceremony.

8. Have an Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit with pins, chalk, and anything else you think you may need.

9. Payments

Make payments before they’re due! Some vendors allow the last payment to be paid on the wedding day. Pay them the day before or as soon as they arrive, that way you don’t have to hunt them down or hunt down your check book.

10. Remember What’s Important

Sometimes weddings don’t always go as planned and that’s okay! At the end of the day, you just married the love of your life and that’s what matters.


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