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Unique Ways to Include your Four-Legged Friend in your Wedding

There are plenty of unique ways to include your furry friend in your wedding if you can't imagine walking down the isle without them. 

Check with your venue before making any plans. If they are okay with it, make sure all your vendors know you plan on bringing your pet. Don’t forget to also let your guests know, that way anyone with allergies can be prepared.

One great way to include your pet in your special day is to have them participate in the actual ceremony. Dogs often take the place of a flower girl or a ring bearer. You can even have them as your best man or maid of honor. Your pet can dress the part in a bow tie or a flower crown- they make great photos to look back on.

If you and your fiancé have a dog that is shy with crowds, you can still include them in your day! Try having a family member or friend bring your dog after the ceremony for pictures! It’s the perfect way to include them without putting them through the stress of walking down the aisle.

Rehearse your dog’s role at home and at the venue! Decide if they’re going to stay for the reception as well- you may need to have someone oversee your pet as you’ll be busy getting married and celebrating! Prepare a go bag for your dog filled with treats, water, food, and anything else you think they will need.

Let’s say you can’t bring your dog at all. Don’t worry, you can put them on your Save the Dates, centerpieces, or other decorations. You can also add a personalized charm of them onto your bouquet or cuffs to keep them close on your wedding day.

If you’re thinking of bringing your dog to your wedding and you have booked with me: please do!! I love all dogs and they are always welcome. If you have ideas of other ways you can include your furry pet in your big day, leave a comment below!


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