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Why I Love Being a Wedding Photographer

I knew I wanted to be a photographer at a young age, but it wasn’t until I was in a tough spot and unhappy at my job that I realized just how much I wanted to follow that dream. Being a wedding photographer is about more than just taking photos. To me, it’s capturing all those in-between moments that otherwise would have been forgotten. As much as I love the posed photos, I have more of a photojournalistic point of view- I would much rather capture the candid moments. To me, candid photos hold so much more emotion!

I love being a wedding photographer for the simple fact that I get to immortalize the most powerful emotion of all- Love. Not just love between a couple, but between family and friends as well. There’s something special about people allowing you to attend such an intimate gathering and to capture all that goes on. I see so many smiles and hear so many laughs during a wedding that I often find my cheeks hurt at the end of the day from smiling so much!

Ceremonies are usually my favorite because happy tears are always shed. It’s amazing to see the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle for the first time. The bride’s family is usually emotional as well and it makes for some really special photos. Receptions are great because all the guests let loose and show off their groovy dance moves. I also love photographing the bouquet and garter tosses!

I end up being friends with a lot of my couples and that means so much to me! I really am a friendship type photographer. I want to know all the details of your wedding planning and what your wedding dress looks like. I want to know how your married life is going and where you’re honeymooning. I’m not just here for your wedding, I want to begin a true friendship with you.

I have so much freedom as a wedding photographer. Not just mentally, but physically as well. Being my own boss is awesome and works so well for my family. When I’m not shooting, I’m able to work from home and stay with my son. I never have to ask off work to go to dinner with my mom or take a day trip with my hubby because I can plan my shoots and work time around my schedule. I’m truly blessed to do what I do!

My little family. Taken by Oh Deer Photography

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