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A Peek into My Own Wedding - Geneva Hills - Sugar Grove, Ohio

Jacob and I got married on October 7th, 2017 at Geneva Hills in Sugar Grove. We picked October because we thought it would be cooler weather, but it ended up being almost 90 degrees and I had a long sleeve dress, so it was definitely a hot day! Our wedding was laid back, rustic, and fit us perfectly. I’m a firm believer that your wedding should represent who you are as a couple! Jacob and I are both laid back and we love being outside, having bonfires, and eating good food so that’s really what our wedding was centered around. I wanted to share a blog post about my own wedding to share my experience. I truly feel like because I have had a wedding, I am able to help my clients a bit more with theirs!

Jacob and I talked about getting married pretty much almost immediately after we started dating. We were already best friends and knew that it felt right. Five months after we started dating, he proposed! He came home from work one day while I was cooking chicken for dinner and was acting really weird. He was super sweaty and shaky and I had no idea what was going on. I was at the stove flipping the chicken when I turned around and he was down on one knee! He was so scared to ask. Looking back, I just have to laugh! He should have known I’d say yes. I, of course, did say yes and ended up burning the chicken. We ordered pizza instead to celebrate! Jacob and I had a year and a half engagement. We wanted a longer engagement so that we wouldn’t feel rushed and had time to save money. The planning started almost immediately though. I really wanted a rustic feel and my colors were light pink, navy blue, and burlap. I wanted a lace wedding dress and little boots to wear. I am all about the outdoor, rustic weddings. So the couples who have farm weddings, you literally know my soul. I just love them!

I bought my dress a year before the wedding and ended up pregnant after I bought it! I was five months pregnant at our wedding. Luckily, we were able to take the dress out enough that it fit like a glove. My sister and my cousin were my bridesmaids and my little sister was our flower girl. Jacob had his best friend as his best man. It was a super small wedding party; I don’t regret that decision for one second!

We originally wanted to have our wedding at my grandma’s house, but found Geneva Hills literally four months before we were supposed to get married. They just had a cancellation for our date and we fell in love with it as soon as we pulled up! Geneva Hills is a church camp, but they also have a building for weddings and events. It’s tucked back in the trees and there is an outdoor area with pews that was perfect for our ceremony.

We got married outside and had our reception inside and outside. The building has sliding glass doors all around so we were able to open those up and mingle with the guests that stayed outside. We had a bonfire and games like the big jenga and checkers. We really wanted our guests to feel comfortable and for the kids to be able to run around and play! Fun fact: Jacob totally dropped the F bomb after he messed up his vows. He said it super quietly so I don’t think anyone but us and the front row heard. It was hilarious! That’s totally something he would do.

I’m a total foodie, so you know I have to write about the food. We had buttery shredded chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans, and mac n cheese for dinner. It was amazing! My mouth still waters thinking about the chicken and I can’t even tell you how much potatoes I ate that night. We had a small cake to cut and then had donuts from Donut World which was also a wonderful decision. Who doesn’t love donuts? Our wedding favors were little bags with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows so our guests could make smores at the fire.

My favorite part of our day was my sister had reached out to the ladies in my family and had them each write me a letter to read on my wedding day. It made me tear up! The only thing I would change is having a first look with my dad. We kind of had one, but our photographers were preparing for the ceremony and weren't able to capture that moment. Mine and Jacob’s wedding was so much fun and so true to us. We ended the night with a sparkler exit! They are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Overall, I love how our wedding came together! I know it can be stressful to plan a wedding. That’s why I always tell my clients that they can come to me about anything, even if it’s not photography related because I’ve been there!

Wedding Vendors:

Makeup: Mary Johnson - The Philocalist Spa

DJ and Bouquet: Family Friend

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