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Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is a day you will always remember. When you print your photos, you’re able to relive that day over and over again; as well as share with your family and friends. A lot of times, couples can get overwhelmed with what photos to print so they end up not printing any at all. I actually didn’t print any photos from my own wedding until 2 years later for that very reason! But here are some reasons why you should print your photos through your photographer.

Some couples think that after they receive their USB, they can just print the photos in their home because it’ll be cheaper. Although this is true, it’s not always the best decision. Your wedding photos will be a family heirloom for many years. Something that you will show your children and your grandchildren, so they need to last.

A lot of times when you print photos on your own printer or a store like Walgreens or Walmart, they mess with the quality of the image and they usually don’t last long. When you order through your photographer, you’re receiving a high quality photo that should last years to come. Also, if you just leave your photos on your USB, what happens if that USB breaks or gets lost? Some photographer’s keep your photos forever and offer a replacement, but some don’t.

Also, what are the odds that you’ll hook up the USB to your computer and go through your wedding photos? If you didn't want to print and hang your wedding photos, another option is to order an album. Albums are great conversation pieces and one of the best ways to look back on such a special day. A lot of photographers offer albums where you pick the photos and they design it. It can be so much fun picking out those photos just the two of you!

There's just something about holding a photo in your hand versus looking at it on your phone or laptop. Even though it can take some time to choose the photos you want printed; it's so worth it! Don't let your photos stay jpgs. Print them, order albums, and print even more! You deserve to see your photos every day hung in your home or in an album on your coffee table.


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