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Five Photographers I Admire

To me, photography is an art. Every photographer has a different editing style or shooting style. No two are the same and that’s what makes it so amazing! I admire a lot of other photographers' work, but I wanted to share my top 5. All but two are local to Columbus or live around the area, so make sure you check them out!

Ashley Wallace Photography is just amazing. I started second shooting for her last year, but was only available to photograph a couple weddings with her. This year, I am available for a lot more and I believe I’m assisting her with around 15 weddings this year. I’m so excited! I admire Ashley’s work because not only is it beautiful, but her shooting style is different than the typical wedding photographer. It’s creative and out of the box!

I’ve never met Grace from Grace E. Jones Photography, but I’ve always admired her work from the day I came across her Instagram. Her double exposures are wonderful and they make me want to keep trying and trying until I nail them down. She also seems like a super kind person and loves Harry Potter, so she has to be pretty cool, right?

The wedding industry is full of photographers and other vendors who focus too much on the pretty images and how much money a couple spends on their wedding instead of the actual couple themselves. The Image Is Found Photography showcases what wedding photography should truly be about and I love them for it! They are determined to change the industry for the better and to take our mind off the “perfect” images and focus more on the emotions and telling the story of a wedding day.

I’ll always love Leah Adkin’s work! It’s so beautiful and timeless. Leah actually helped me become a wedding photographer and I owe so much to her for that! She let me shadow her at weddings when I first started to pick up a camera. Now, she lives in Georgia and is totally killing it. I need to go on a vacation again soon to visit her and Tybee Island!

Faith Elizabeth Photography is a local photographer who creates stunning work with light. I had the opportunity to second shoot for her once and had so much fun! She also thinks outside the box and creates beautiful images. Her sunset photos are to die for and I love her editing style. She is also one of the sweetest people I know!

There are so many amazing and truly talented photographers out there. I’m so blessed to have been able to work with a couple of my favorites!

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