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Amy and Lucas - The Mill Event Center - Lancaster, Ohio

Amy and Lucas were one of the many couples that had to change their wedding plans due to the pandemic. They were finally able to tie the knot last month at The Mill Event Center in Lancaster! I photographed Amy and Lucas’s engagement session a couple years ago, so I was really looking forward to their big day and it didn’t disappoint!

Amy shared a first look with her dad and it was a sweet moment with her mom looking on. First looks are one of my favorite moments of the wedding day because there’s so much emotion to capture. Amy and Lucas then read private letters from each other and both teared up while reading them.

Amy and Lucas tied the knot outside at the pavilion and I thought it was so sweet how emotional they were during their vows. All day, Lucas gave Amy random forehead kisses, so it was only fitting that he gave her one during their ceremony. I love the little things that couples do that make their relationship unique and also shows off their love!

The Mill has a bunch of hydrangea bushes behind the building that is the perfect spot for portraits and sunset photos. I really love the ones of Amy and Lucas here! Their wedding party was also a blast to photograph and was totally down to run around the building and take photos in multiple areas!

During the reception, Amy’s parents shared a photo of her from when she was little and also brought out her old blanket! It was hilarious. I also enjoyed the toasts and first dances. Their guests did not disappoint with their dance moves and during the cake cutting, Lucas gave Amy an icing mustache! I love photographing moments like this because I think it really captures how couples are and their personalities.

Amy and Lucas are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and their wedding reflected that. It was a super calm and laid back day full of so much love!

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