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Nolan's Newborn Photos - Logan, Ohio

Nolan was my first newborn I've ever photographed other than my own! Weddings are my niche, but I really enjoyed photographing Nolan and his parents. I've known Nolan's momma, Ariana, for years now and it was such an honor to photograph these special moments for her!

Nolan was born at the end of September and is the cutest thing! It's crazy how quickly you forget about how small your babies once were. I love his little features! Nolan was not a fan of being swaddled or just hanging out in his diaper. But he was a champ when we took him outside. I love the photos outside with the changing leaves in the background!

I'm so excited to see Nolan as he grows! Hopefully I'll get to photograph a couple more milestones for him.

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