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Skyler and Jon Engagement Session - Chestnut Ridge Metro Park - Carroll, Ohio

Skyler and Jon had their engagement session at one of my favorite parks; Chestnut Ridge Metro Park! They brought their Great Danes, Tex and Duke. I love when clients bring their pets! It really makes my day. Tex and Duke are basically mini horses and we had fun trying to get them to cooperate. A lot of treats and puppy voices were used for these photos!

Skyler and Jon met at a college orientation; they hit it off right away, but then ended up parting ways for a year. They ended up having a couple of classes together when college started and became really good friends! Skyler asked Jon to officially be her boyfriend the night before he left for Rome. How sweet is that?! Fast forward a couple years later and Jon took Skyler out on a date to go bowling. He had the employees shut down their bowling lane and throw out a pin that said, “Will you marry me?” Skyler was so surprised and of course, said yes!

Skyler and Jon are both naturals in front of the camera. I hardly had to pose them! They are so sweet together and that really shows in their pictures. I’m so excited for their wedding next year!

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