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Tori and Colton's Engagement Session at Rising Park

I had so much fun with Tori and Colton at their engagement session at Rising Park! It was so nice to finally meet Colton and be able to hang out with them. Colton is currently serving in our military, so he and Tori have been surviving a long distance relationship for some time.


I really loved that we were able to get some photos in Colton’s uniform and Tori’s dress was super cute! Tori also brought some props; which I love! If you can bring some props that make your engagement session more unique to you; I totally recommend it. Even though I'm married now, I wish I had her "Does this ring make me look engaged?" coffee mug!

Tori and Colton are a really laid back couple that are comfortable with each other so it made their session a breeze! The best part of my job is being able to photograph amazing couples. I’m so excited for their wedding next August!

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