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Before and After Editing Wedding Photographs

It is so fun and interesting to see before and after editing photographs! I love when fellow photographers share their before and afters. I thought I would make a blog post about this and share some of mine! These photos are from Eric and Taylor’s wedding in December. It was an awesome wedding and a great way to end the year!

The before photos are straight out of camera; there has been no editing of any kind done to them. The after photos are after I edited them and are the photos that Eric and Taylor received in their wedding gallery. I consider my editing style to be minimalistic, but in these pictures there is more of a difference than usual. Winter and snow typically makes photographs come out with a blue tinge. So a little more work was needed to warm these babies up.

You may notice that the original photos are darker. I tend to underexpose a little bit because it brings out so much more detail when I up the exposure during editing! I love the pop of color it brings to an image. I try to photograph a wedding day as it was. So if it was cloudy that day, then that's how I edit and same with if it was super sunny and bright.

As photographers, we are there to tell the story of a wedding day and I feel like editing the photos as closely as possible to how it really was helps tell that story. I hope you enjoy this post and find these as fun as I do!

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