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Why You Should Consider an Engagement Session

Yay you’re engaged! It’s such an exciting time. Some couples love to celebrate their engagement with an engagement session and others aren’t interested (which is totally okay!), but I wanted to share some reasons on why you should consider having an engagement session.

One of the main reasons you should consider an engagement session is because it gives you a chance to know your wedding photographer. A session is the perfect time to see your photographer’s shooting style and the poses that you like best. It also gives your photographer a chance to see what poses work best for you and how you and your future spouse interact with each other. It’s also a great time to get to know you better!

Having an engagement session also prepares you for the wedding day. A lot of photographers recycle the same poses, so you’re more likely to feel more comfortable in front of the camera on the big day because you’ve done the poses before. Having an engagement session is also a way to have some pretty pictures taken of you and your loved one instead of the typical phone selfies.

If you’re thinking of sending out Save the Dates, pictures from a professional session are perfect for those! Some couples might consider using their pictures on their formal wedding invitations as well. You can also use photos from your engagement session as decoration at your wedding or even to just decorate your home.

So, when should you schedule an engagement session? It really depends on when your wedding is and the feel you’re wanting for your session. I’ve had couples schedule their sessions a year before their wedding and I’ve had some schedule them a month before. It truly is up to you, but I suggest always communicating with your photographer!

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