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My Favorite Locations for Engagement Sessions

Being a photographer gives me the opportunity to capture special moments in a lot of beautiful places. My favorite sessions are the ones where the location means something to the couple and because of that, I always try to have my couples pick the location of their engagement shoot. However, it doesn’t always have to be a place that means something! It could be your wedding venue, a park, or even your backyard.

One of my favorite locations for an engagement session is Inniswoods Metro Gardens. I’ve actually only shot there one time, but I’d love to do it again! It’s so beautiful and has so much variety. Because the park is so big and has so many different areas, you could easily make a day of walking around and taking pictures.

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park is a go to place if my clients aren’t sure where they want to have their session. I love that I know it so well and it’s easy to get to. Chestnut Ridge has a trail with a field, two docks by the water, and so many beautiful trees! It’s just perfect for any session.

Slate Run Metro Park is also a go to place of mine! It looks pretty much the same as Chestnut Ridge, but it has this broken tree that is really cool to get pictures by. I really like to take couple’s pictures on the dock overlooking the water as well. Can you tell that’s my thing?

Another favorite place of mine to photograph is your property! I had a couple who had their engagement session on their property. They had bean fields, a barn, and across the street there was an old dairy farm. It was so much fun! This is also a great location if you want to involve your pets! That way they don’t have to travel far.

I really enjoy engagement sessions that are outdoors, but I’m dying to have a session in a cute coffee shop or ice cream place. Engagement sessions are a great time to get to know your photographer and to also be creative! There are so many wonderful locations out there; don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.

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